Part1: Longman Academic Writing Series - FOURTH EDITION - STUDENT BOOK ANSWER KEY



CHAPTER 1 (pages 2–30)

Questions about the Model (page 4)

1.   The paragraph is about George Lucas.

2.   George Lucas has changed the film industry in many ways.

3.   Examples of capitalization are George Lucas (a person’s name), Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Star Trek (movie titles), and THX and CGI (abbreviations).

4.   In Sentence 1, “has changed” is the verb.


PRACTICE 1: Identifying Nouns and Verbs in Word Families (page 4)






1.     contributor

2.     contribution


1.     educator

2.     education




1.     revolution

2.     revolutionary


PRACTICE 2: Forming Nouns (page 5)

assistance beautification brightness criticism excitement leader simplification


Try It Out! (page 10)

Answers will vary.


PRACTICE 3: Applying Capitalization Rules (page 12)

Answers will vary. Possible answers include:

2.   El Salvador—place on a map

3.   San Salvador—place on a map

4.   United States—place on a map

5.   New York—place on a map

6.   Aunt Rosa—title and name of a person

7.   Brooklyn—place on a map

8.   City College—name of a school

9.   English—name of a language

10.   Spanish—name of a language

PRACTICE 4: Correcting Capitalization Errors in Sentences (page 12)

2.   Hher major is business.

3.  Tthanksgiving is a holiday in both Ccanada and  the Uunited Sstates, but it is celebrated on different days in the two countries.

4.  Iit is celebrated on the fourthTthursday in Nnovember in the Uunited Sstates and on the second mMonday in Ooctober in


5.  Iistanbul is a seaport city inTturkey.

6.   Ggreenhills Ccollege is located in Bboston, mMassachusetts.

7.  Ii am taking four classes this semester:Aamerican history, Ssociology 32, Eeconomics 40, and a digital product design course.

8.  Ii just read a good book by Eernest Hhemingway calledTthe Oold mMan and the Ssea.

9.   mMy roommate is from the Ssouth, so she speaks

Eenglish with a southern accent.

10.  Tthe two main religions in Jjapan are Bbuddhism and Sshintoism.

PRACTICE 5: Correcting Capitalization Errors in a Paragraph (page 13)

Ii enjoyed reading your paragraph. Yyou are the  first person from CcentralAamerica Ii have met. Ii was living in Cchicago before Ii moved here last Ddecember. Uuntil now, everyone in my Eenglish classes came from Aasian countries, such as Cchina,Tthailand, and Vvietnam, or from countries in the mMiddle Eeast. Ii would like

to know more about your goals. Ffor example, Ii want to know how a nurse is different from a nurse practitioner. Ii would also like to know how many

science classes you need to take after Bbiology 101 to become a nurse practitioner. Iin your paragraph, you say that your only special talent is speaking Sspanish, but Ii think you have other talents if you are going to work in the field of medicine. Yyour science classes will enable you to get a job, but being able to take care of others is a very special talent.


Try It Out! (page 13)

Answers will vary.


PRACTICE 6: Identifying Subjects, Verbs, and Prepositional Phrases (page 15)

3.   Audiences loved the film and the characters (in it).

4.   George Lucas wrote the story and planned the special effects.

5.   He worked (with talented artists and engineers).

6.   Lucas and his team designed and built an imaginary world (of good and evil).

7.   (In the original Star Wars), Luke Skywalker becomes a freedom fighter.

8.   The heroes (in Luke Skywalker’s life) are Jedi knights.

9.   Darth Vader represents the evil Empire and always wears black.

10.   (At the end of the film), moviegoers applauded the defeat (of the evil Empire).

PRACTICE 7: Using Nouns and Verbs Correctly (page 15)

2.   Obi-Wan’s wisdom and life lessons transform

Luke Skywalker (into a Jedi knight)

3.   George Lucas’s THX sound system and computer-generated images really improve the battle scenes (in Star Wars).

4.   An innovator (like Lucas) experiments (with new ideas).

5.   Action films are full (of excitement) (for movie fans).


PRACTICE 8: Making Subjects and Verbs Agree (page 17)


2.   Basketball games on television make big profits

for the NBA.


3.   The sale of T-shirts, hats, and other NBA

products is also good for business.


4.   Some of the NBA games are on television in

countries outside the United States.


5.   Some of the success of the NBA is because of

individual players.


6.   There were more NBA games on TV in China

after 2002, the year that Yao Ming started playing for the Houston Rockets.


7.   There was a very good reason for the NBA’s

increase in popularity.


8.   Most of the new Chinese fans were originally

fans of Ming.


9.   Now each of the NBA games on Chinese

television attracts millions of viewers.


10.   Ming’s popularity with Chinese fans has made

him one of the most important athletes ever to play in the NBA.

PRACTICE 9: Editing a Paragraph for Errors in Subject-Verb Agreement

 (page 17) 

Golf is no longer just a favorite sport of wealthy                             middle-aged businessmen or senior citizens. Young

people around the worldairseplaying the game, and some of themhhaavsecaused a lot of excitement. One of the young stars airse Sergio Garcia, a fascinating golfer from Spain. Garcia was born in 1980 and started golfing at the age of three. He became a professional golfer in 1999 at the age of 19. Garcia caught the world’s attention by hitting a golf shot

at a target from behind a tree with his eyes closed. Two other young golf stars are Michelle Wie and

Ryo Ishikawa. Both of themairsequite different

from the traditional golfer. Wie, born in Hawaii in 1989, is Korean-American. She shocked everyone by competing against men—and beating many of them—at the age of fourteen. Today she is one

of the world’s best female golfers. Ishikawa is a professional Japanese golfer who was born in 1991. In 2007, he became the youngest player ever to win

a professional golf tournament in Japan. Each of his victories since then hhaavse shown his incredible

athletic skill, and he has become a favorite with fans. In 2011, after a terrible earthquake in Japan, Ishikawa impressed his fans once again by promising

to donate all of the money he earned that year to help the earthquake victims. Of course thereairsestill

older golfers who continue the traditions of the sport, but these three young athletes show how golf is changing.


PRACTICE 10: Correcting Sentence Fragments (page 19)

              3. City Year volunteers in the United States,

                 England, and South Africa.


   4.  For example, help elementary and middle school children with their homework.


   5.They role models for young children.

                            City Year is

                                  7.    Is an excellent way for university students to learn from life experiences.

                                    8.  At the end of their City Year, receive money to pay for their university tuition.

PRACTICE 11: Editing a Paragraph to Correct Sentence Fragments (page 19)

My best friend is Suzanne. We have known each other since childhooSdh.eHheleplepdemde in a very special

way. At the age of ten, I moved to a new town. WItaws avesry scary for me to go to a new school.

was I very shy. In fact, I was afraid to speak to anyone.

Suzanne asked me to eat lunch with her on my first day. During the next several months, she helped

me to adjust to lifeisin school and out of school, too. Now Suzanne in Venezuela with her husband

and three children. We have not seen each other for eight years. However, we stay in touch by email and

on FacebooWk.eTteelelpehpohnoeneeach other at least once a month. Suzanne changed my life. We will be friends forever.

Part1: Longman Academic Writing Series - FOURTH EDITION - STUDENT BOOK ANSWER KEY


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