Academic Writing: What should society expects of educational institutions and students?



What should society expects of educational institutions and students?

    What should society expects of educational institutions and students? To answer this global question, we may first have to answer preliminary questions:  Who are the members of this society? Why educational institutions and students should listen to the society? And finally, educational institutions and students aren’t part of this society? Historically, Societies existed in every civilization. Religious and military institutions were playing the role of educational institutions and were marking the main lines to follow. People were listening to these institutions not for the knowledge acquired through years of studies, yet for the spiritual and military influence. Throughout centuries of misleading and deceptions, members of theses societies decided to sick the knowledge separately from religious institutions. They started questioning themselves and universe about basic questions to understand life and to improve the condition of existence of all human kind. This long process gave birth to a democratic system according to the western civilization. If we take for example the Greek civilization, the scholars were respected for their knowledge and became deciding elements in the society. Their quest was purely about understanding life, they were not looking for better salary or luxury life.

    They were financing mostly their own researches. Societies became more aware and invested on educational institutions by trying to educate a large category of population. According to some researchers, the first university in the world known as The University of Al-Karaouine, Fes, Morocco was building back in 859.

    In these days we are hearing about the advantage of acceding to a college degree, parents live for the day to see their protégé graduating. They spent their economies and if it not enough the child will take a student loan. In this situation, I see two anomalies: The first one, how can you give a loan to an individual who has no job? He did not even graduate. How mature is this student to manage starting his life with such handicap?  Parents should be more aware of the reality and not let the lead to the appearances. Yes, they want to be proud of their child being a graduate student, but it is worth it to spend all this money? Is their child really interest by acquiring college degree?  Or it’s just a parent fantasy that is going to lead to an uncontrollable situation? Just to give you example, according to Blake Ellis, staff reporter in CNN Money: “College seniors who graduated last year owed an average of $24,000 in student loan debt, up 6% comparing to 2009. At the same time, unemployment for recent college graduates jumped from 5.8% in 2008 to 8.7% in 2009.”

    To explain the second anomaly, let’s come back to the main question. Why we built educational institutions?  The goal was not at all about money, it was about lighten the brains to improve the conditions of human life. When we started thinking that acquiring degree from a well-known university will guaranty us a well paying job a main link inside the cycle broke. These institutions started using our greediness by promising a good paying job if we invest on paying vertiginous tuitions.

    We also hear complaints about people without any education getting a lot of money by entertaining or performing physical effort. We as society gave them this privilege and make them icons. Everyone may practice football, but how many will reach a professional level or even become a star? I will answer few privileged individuals. Then a priory it’s normal to evaluate them for their outstanding performance and pay them astronomic wages. Let’s return to the educational institutions. In such environment we will find rare brains able to innovate and invent the future. They will impress us by performing researches that may change or even save our life. The only difference here, there is no fans encouraging them in their laboratory or cable channels transmitting their researches directly in primetime. These imminent researchers will earn a considerable amount of money, but will never be compared to the sportive or scene performers. We may ask why not? I will answer its question of demand, when we will be more interest in their researches, the Medias will follow because we decide what we want to watch. When you see your father scotched in front of the TV during week end football and asking you to go to do your homework, which kind of example he is giving you? When he is taking you to watch sport games, but never to a science aquarium or scientist events, how can you expect from our kids to be more involve in science?

     This consummation society, made people think that by paying such amount of money for a degree guaranteed them to find a well paying job. It’s a kind of investment. I’m telling you, you forgot that anyone can have a college degree, but only few will succeed.  Person ready to work hard, practice every day and able to invest time and efforts to reach his goal. Using the same ingredients used by the exceptional athletes.

    I’m telling you, weak up people it’s not just question of money. Its more and these institutions robbed you because there is no guaranty for job. Even the dream of having the best educational system in the world dispelled. According to the World education rankings: which country does best at reading, math’s and science? Published in the Guardian, United States occupy the 14 rang worldwide. It has to do with your qualification and skills. People all over the worlds are getting the same education or even better for free. They are starting their life without loans. They are way freer to take more risks by moving to other countries to get a better job and specially to get experience that will make them more competitive.

    Finally, we are victims and responsible because the actual student who is paying loan today , is the same parent who will ask his child to follow the same way . Why? Because as human ,we try to find a safe environment or a safe plan and to stick with it. He will never asked his child to follow their instinct because there is no rational mathematic equation telling you how much you are going to make per year by following your instinct.


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