writing: Americans will live and fight until the last drop of blood



    Giving our life for an ideal in which we believe is the ultimo sacrifice. Every day American men and women engage in the army are willing to leave their civilian life to serve their country. They are ready to sacrifice their lives to protect this country because they believe in universal rights of freedom, justice and democracy. These men and women on uniform may die for a cause that appear to them legitimate because they were born and rise that way. How about their enemies’ side? Their enemies may see their own fight as legitimate as any cause may be. They will live and fight until the last drop of blood as any honorable soldier.

    Before coming to the USA, I was preoccupied by the American discourse seen on the media. To me and any eastern person, it was a pretentious discourse. I had the impression that USA is the police of the globe. Whenever there is a conflict they had to intervene. What an American soldier should be doing in Iraqi desert far from his sweet home Alabama? The media make them look like country high school boys carrying heavy guns and acting like their ancestors on the Wild West. The only difference was the exchange of horses with blended vehicles.  The behaviors of some of them made it worst. How can you show in compassion or respect to soldiers that raped innocent civilians and urinated over dead bodies?

    Coming to the USA was a real challenge. How Am I going to leave in such society?  .  Society that lost hope in resolving conflict in diplomatic way. My first interaction with American people was surprisingly agreeable. I discovered a spontaneous population eager to learn about my culture. They were as much as I interest to know about our differences. Certes they had a lot of stereotypes about my origins and believes but, I had even more stereotypes about them. I discovered that most of Americans worry more about the intern policies that affect their daily life such: taxes, wages and price of gas.  The foreign American policies were the business of their representatives on congress.

    I understand that U.S army members and their family believe in notion of freedom and democracy. They see their sacrifice as primordial to keep US territory secure. They may argue that without intervention in some countries the security of all American citizens will be threatened. However, sending thousands of U.S troops to Iraq was unjustified. After 10 years of occupation we did not find any single weapon of massive destruction. We lost and destroyed thousands of innocent lives. Over one million Iraqis have met violent deaths as a result of the 2003 American invasion, according to a study conducted by the prestigious British polling group, Opinion Research Business (ORB).It’s a real genocide and no reason will never justified. The damage was collateral. According to CBS News Sources. 4,486 US Soldiers Killed, 32,226 Seriously Wounded and these without counting the number of suicide committed by US Soldiers after arriving home. Iraqi saw their country destroyed by a sectarian civil war that we implement to control the country. We promised them freedom and democracy and left them in chaotic situation. In the history of civilization, a war did only bring hate and detestation. For these who still doubt, I will refer them to the history of Roman Empire and how they adopted The Greek model of democracy not because the Greeks invade them but because they were influenced and amazed by the Greek cultural heritage. We should not also ignore the significant cultural and religious difference between Iraq and the USA .The Iraqi civilization flourished when Europe was in its darkest age and the USA did not existed yet. How can we talk about exporting American Great civilization when the newest shop in the Clothiers Souk in Baghdad it’s older then the history of the USA?  What changed after all these years? One and only one things, American Oil Companies have the monopole of Iraqi oil making huge profits and paying back the administration that supported this war.

    Some will tell me yes but, the war in Afghanistan was legitimate. We killed Osama Ben Laden. Was it really worth it? After 10 years of American presence in Afghanistan, how many soldiers were scarified? How many civilians we deported or killed by mistake? I will answer too many. We did not improve the conditions of this poor population at all. We supported a corrupt government and lost the sympathy of the afghan population. We invested on weapons and machineries not on the Afghans hearts .This is why too many Afghans turned the weapons against their Americans trainers’ .The Taliban’s provided security and compassion to the population instead of buy a relative peace using tax payers’ dollars and Viagra pills.  . The population did not have choice between a corrupt government supported by US or extremists Taliban’s praising Jihad against the invaders.

    Let’s talk about the wife who lost her husband, the 3 year old girl who will never see her father. What explanations have we for them? They may look at him as hero but, he did not die for a legitimate cause. He did not change anything. Some family are frustrate seeing the US troops pulled out from Afghanistan and Iraq. The sacrifice of their beloved one was mean less. We did not make any single improvement in these countries. The real reason why we went to Afghanistan is to control the mining industry. According to the Persian Encyclopedia of Economics and Management. Based on the information most of Afghan mines are still intact. With the biggest rich mines of lapis, gold, turquoise, coal, copper, iron, barite, lithium, uranium  and as well as oil and gas fields Afghanistan is one of the countries with the richest and biggest intact mines in the world.  Afghanistan's resources could make it the richest mining region on earth.

    We have to stop lying to ourselves and stop being naïve. Ask our representatives about the utility of going to any war because in the end of the day it is us folks who will pay it from our taxes. I am astonish by the headlines on our national news, before even leaving Iraq and Afghanistan we are talking about to get involve in another war with Iran. Did we learn anything from 10 years of involvement in Afghanistan? The story is repeating itself. Who will benefice again? It’s the oil company again. Just look at the price of gas at pumps it’s about 4 dollar.

    I’m going to be even clear ,if Iraq and Afghanistan were supposedly a direct threat to our national security, Iran was never a threat for us , they never supported al Qaida because they have a different doctrine .Some will say they are threatening our allies. I think in this time of recession and poverty attaining unprecedented numbers it’s time to start thinking about our own interest and as the French proverb say:Charité bien ordonnée commence par soi-même." Or Efficient Charity begins with oneself.





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