Writing: How to use life in AMERICA to desire




How to use life in AMERICA to desire

My life in United states is exciting. I am living with my husband in Orlando, Florida the sunshine state. This is our fourth year here. My husband and I do not have children, but we are thinking about it.

Right now, we are studying. We both take online classes at Valencia College. Of course, there are other good colleges, but we prefer to study at Valencia College because they have a good reputation, and the professors are nice.

Sometimes my husband tries to teach me English and gives me advices. we laugh a lot during the English lesson.
              Currently, I work from home as an artist. Art brings me to a different world, teaches me to imagine and think beyond. Making an artwork gives me satisfaction, a reason to be glad. Every time the weekend arrives, I look forward to creating a new painting and new drawing. I usually try through my art to ascribe emotions up to a unique style. I don’t think art has limits and constraints, so I try to travel through my imagination by looking at the work of other artists. My husband always encourages me and helps me to do what I love. I enjoy reading about Artists, try to understand their inspiration and their reasons for taking up art.

First of all, one of my favorite hobbies is travel. Allows me to find my inspiration for my art and helps me to relax my mind. I love spending my time on something I am passionate about. I find that very interesting because each hobby is turned into a career.

Second, I like to cook for family and friends. I think about my family every day. I frequently invite my family to dinner. I absolutely love Moroccan food! Do you like Moroccan food?

In addition, I like to watch movies in the evening. I enjoy comedy and action. I find that movies help me a lot to improve my communication skills as well as pronounce words well.