Jewish people in exchange of your freedom.”: sad Adolf Hitler.  In 1944 the kingdom of Morocco was occupied by two countries, Spain and France. The king at that time Mohammed the fifth received a strange correspondence from a certain Adolf Hitler proposing an alliance pact. The Nazi will liberate Morocco from the colonizers but in contour part, the king has to handle all Jewish Moroccans to the Nazi. Mohammed fifth answered: “I do not see any Jewish, I see only Moroccans.” A story among so many that symbolizes the tolerance of a Muslim country far away from the Middle East turmoil.

                The kingdom of Morocco or Al Maghreb in Arabic means "far west". When the first Arab Merchants arrived to northern Africa in the seventh century, Morocco was believed to be the westernmost point in the world. At that time, the Maghreb region included the countries of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

              The strategic location of Morocco at only 9 miles of Spanish and Portuguese coasts made it the entrance door to Africans treasures .The kingdom was invaded by all leading civilizations: Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, and Byzantine Greeks. Those civilizations successively set up their own empires. The Berber tribes or native Moroccans were far removed from each other and this was one reason why Morocco was often invaded .However, the Berber populations never accepted the presence of those colonizer forces and chase them one by one.

Finally, in the 7th century, the Arabs arrived to North Africa not as invaders but as merchants. The trading activities with the Islamic empire at that time were at its apotheosis. The Arabs were more interested by the Golden road. The road linking Morocco to Timbuktu (Mali) through which gold, ivory and many goods were exchanged. Many of these merchants settled in Morocco and introduced their civilization. The Moroccan population was composed of Berbers (name giving for non Arab person), few Berbers converted to Christianity and a substantial Jewish population.

The first Muslim Arab dynasty that came to powering in Morocco was the Idrisid. Berbers and Christian inhabitants of the land were converted to Islam during this period. For centuries to follow, Arab and Berber factions fought together to control all North Africa. The Berbers welcome Islam because it allowed them to form a united nation, where they were all equal. They shaped Islam in their own image then overcame control of the Abbasid Caliphate in Baghdad . Morocco became independent from the Islamic empire and started expanding its borders from Spain to the north to Senegal to the south . The golden age of the kingdom of Morocco was during the 8th century when Taariq Ibn Ziyaad one of the most prominent commanders of Islamic history conquered Andalusia actual (Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar). This state lasted for eight centuries.                           

The Alaouites have been the dynasty in power in Morocco since the 17th century. The Kingdom of Morocco developed a constitutional monarchy based on Islamic law and French and Spanish civil law systems soon after receiving independence. The king is not only a political leader , he is a religious leader and commander in chief of the royal army. The mix of European and Arab influence, loyalty to the king and a strong Islamic base, creates the uniquely Moroccan identity and allowed a rare stability to the kingdom in a region of tumult. Stability no one expected to resist to the wind of democracy brought by the Arab spring. Most political analysts predicted the fall of monarchy in Morocco following the revolts in the neighbors :Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. The kingdom of Morocco unlike the petro-monarchies in Middle East doesn’t have any oil or gas resources to buy social peace from its population. The kingdom depends mainly on: agriculture and tourism. However, the population enjoys a relative freedom comparing to all Arab world. The political system allowed everyone to express its own opinion; we count over 30 political parties in the kingdom. Having no major political parties like in the USA, the winning party in every election has to form a coalition of 4 of 5 parties to govern. Another reason for the stability of Morocco is religion. In Morocco we don’t have any tribal system; every family is made up of a mixture of Jews, Berbers and Arabs. We are also strictly attached to the monarchy; the king is the Godfather to all Moroccans and the guardant of safety and prosperity off its entire people.

Finally, to avoid any critics, the actual king Mohammed 6 submitted a referendum last year limiting his power in favor of the first minister of the party elected. Ironically, an Islamic party was elected and a new page in the history of the kingdom was turned without any blood drop.
















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