Writing: A reasonable person can leave a unique imprint on your life since your childhood




         A reasonable person can leave a unique imprint on your life since your childhood. An excellent and talented person may change your thinking about art for the rest of your life. But if this qualified person is a teacher of drawing, then his influence will be positive on many essential characteristics in a person's life and profession. I was fortunate to find all these qualities in the master of the plastic arts, Mr. Hany, who influenced me. Teach me to be glorified and always do my best. It doesn't matter what I'm in the mood for before I enter the classroom because he's always smiling at me. Kindness and patience are shown to every student in his class as he is a successful artist. Those are the personality traits that I feel I have improved on because of him. The important thing that he taught me was to believe in myself and find my creative confidence. When the teacher believes in you, it leads to success. Possessing these characteristics means that the teacher is trustworthy.

        I was always asking for his help and advice on art. He was always the right person to listen to and give me all the basic techniques for my drawing to be successful. It never felt like I had a problem withdrawing or that my art level was not high enough to be an artist in the future. Mister Hani was always there to listen and help me in any way he could. First, he invited us to his art gallery to learn about his artworks. Then he gave us some vital advice on art. At the end of the chapter, we got to know his personality and artistic experience and then a lot about his drawing style. It allowed us to enter his creative world and get to know him closely.

        Mr. Hani takes his time to get to know the technical level of each student. He takes pride in finding out how to help each student excel in their way. He uses various teaching styles to reach the needs of everyone in his class. We often draw joint paintings and display them in his art gallery to encourage students to be more creative. He closely watches who draws well and who has a sense of creativity and then takes it into account in every lesson when we do joint work. I have now become a professional painter by applying my teacher Hani's advice, and my experience in his class has given me insight into how well the artist's method works by combining colors well while following the correct way I learned in a drawing. There were a few students who didn't paint well in the classroom. The teacher worked hard to find out the level and direction of each person in his class. It also helped me realize that a person can be talented but not know it, and thanks to the teacher, he can recognize his hobby and develop it, and maybe he can make it a profession. The lessons that Mr. Hani taught me are invaluable. He was a role model. It helped me improve my painting level and strengthen my life's foundations to build my artistic future. He taught me to have a creative outlook. Mr. Hani was the only person who influenced my career the most. He helped me to unleash my talent and show it to the world and become an artist.