Discussion: Do you support the legalization of recreational marijuana?



1.  Do you support the legalization of recreational marijuana?  Why / Why not?

·       I support the legalization of recreational marijuana for these reasons:

·       I think the legalization can reduce in prison overcapacity and pressure on the criminal justice system, because the police would have more time maintaining security while courts, would have enough time exchanging with more serious and sensitive cases.

·       And in the other way the cartels and black-market dealers would suffer big losses on their usual incomes.

·       Also legalizing recreational marijuana is a solution that can promote consumer safety such as marijuana product testing, this means consumers are better notified about the marijuana they use.

·       Marijuana is a source of revenue for the government and a source of income for the individual.

·       more importantly, the legalization of recreational marijuana means can create more job opportunities.

2.  Explain what's going on in other locations where it has already been legalized.

·       After the state legalization of recreational marijuana use, we can see for example, in Colorado has not experienced an increase in marijuana use among young people. Marijuana also has not impacted graduation rates or dropout rates in Colorado. Graduation rates have increased while dropout rates have decreased since 2012. The number of drivers in fatal crashes who tested above the legal limit of cannabis is decreased

·       Moreover, the number of adults who use marijuana increased between 2014 and 2017.

 3.  Can recreational marijuana be compared with alcohol and/or tobacco?  Why / Why not?

·       In comparison recreational marijuana with alcohol and tobacco we can see each substance has different impacts on our body.

·       For example, recreational marijuana is not a harmless drug and the side effects of marijuana use, will be variable from person to person, depending upon potency and quantity of marijuana used.

·       But tobacco can cause many diseases, death at an early age.

·       And alcohol can cause a dependence syndrome and other mental disorders such as severe depression and psychosis.

·       Finally, I can say the harm caused by recreational marijuana is far less than that caused by alcohol or tobacco.

Question: Why alcohol and cigarettes are legal, and recreational marijuana is not?