Outline example: Marijuana



I)  Introduction              

     Main idea: Legalizing recreational marijuana can have huge gains. Despite the gains, the negative impact on adolescents remains the most influenced at the level of the brain and therefore the study will be affected automatically.

 II)  Body

                Major Support 1:  Pros and cons of legalization recreational marijuana.

                               Minor Support 1:  Benefits of legalization recreational marijuana.

                               Minor Support 2:  Drawbacks of legalization recreational marijuana.

                Major Support 2:   The use of recreational marijuana and its influences in short-term and long-term on the brain; And its effects on academic performance.

                              Minor Support 1:  The short and the long impacts of using recreational marijuana on the brain.

                              Minor support 2:  Legalizing marijuana could hurt student achievement.


III)  Conclusion

Despite the advantages of legalizing recreational marijuana, the use of the latter has many negative effects on the brain and therefore on studies.