Writing: Self-introduction - Artist's family



        I am........., I grew up in the artist's family, both my father and my mother are extremely talented. Living in a creative atmosphere lead me finding my artistic voice to be a professional artist.

        I started in art at the age of 11, drawing and painting under my father’s guidance. My father helps me to develop a range of my complementary skills, he has a terrific artistic drive and very fluent in working with colors palettes. My father was my teacher, he gave me the basic techniques to start my first drawing. He took me to the art galleries, to the museums, to observe other artist’s works also, to develop my skills from artist’s experience. This observation influences my imagination and increase my inspiration.

        My mother also was an independent and a creative woman. I practically surrounded by her art and grew up around her crafts and her handmade creations. When I was child, she made all my clothes. I usually credit my mother as the one who encouraged me to travel around the art world and focus on art career.

        Traveling is really one of my favorite hobby. Travel allows me to find my inspiration for my art and help me to relax my mind. I love spending my time on something I am passionate about; I find that interesting because each hobby is turned into a career.

        With my extensive training in art, I was able to success in the artistic field. My parents gave me a chance to transform my talent into a successful creative business, also to sell my work online as a professional artist. Being an artist is not just a career or hobby, it is a lifestyle.

(I am sharing with you two of my paintings inspired by the beaches of Florida)

        Finally, I am glad to live in an amazing world of beauty and vivid colors with a wonderful artist parent. Because of their encouragement I discovered my talent and I developed it to be more professional. My parents make me feel proud of my artwork.