Discussion: Corporal punishment



        When I was young, I was beaten by my father at home. At school, the teacher used hurtful words if I didn’t answer well, verbal abuse on the one hand, but on the other hand I was subjected to a lot of sticks, this punishment greatly affected my personality. Also, I cannot easily make friends, I became shy.

        In my opinion, I think the damages of corporal punishment for disciplining children are psychological and physical.
In terms of psychology, beating affects children's behavior and psychological development, as it leads to the presence of extreme behaviors in the child, intense fear, involuntary urination, whether at night or during the day, and anxiety about interactions with others, and if the child is in his teens, he may resort to constant escape from the home and fear of returning, and physical beatings can lead to lack of confidence in oneself and sometimes cause recourse to isolation, aggression with others, lying in most situations for fear of being punished, and inability to face one's mistakes, and in the end this leads to the formation of a loose personality incapable of dealing with life's difficulties and making decisions.

As for the physical aspect: the beating comes from the parents or the person responsible for the child and can cause signs and effects on the body such as redness in the areas of beating and swelling, or the presence of bruising on the face and back or signs of the bone and there may be fractures and cyanosis and possible injuries to the eye as a result of blows to the face and damage to the teeth Also, and many others symptoms.