Vocabulary: Choose the word parts - Grandpa and Music: As a younger man, my grandfather had a beautiful singing




Grandpa and Music

As a younger man, my grandfather had a beautiful singing voice, and he loved to talk about his three   (1)decades (from age 20 until 50) as a loyal member of a group called the   "(2)Golden Voices.”

When the original seven members of the group heard him sing solos in his church, they invited him to join them, not realizing that he couldn’t read music. He was determined not to let this be a liability, and he worked hard to   (3)educate himself about music and become a proficient   (4)musician. He wanted to join the group for two reasons: he loved singing, and he had a crush on its lively young pianist.

After Grandfather became a member, the   (5)octet success began to   (6)surpass all expectations. Their voices, he used to say, were so   (7)homogeneous and so cohesive that they sometimes sounded like a single voice singing all eight parts. Eventually, the group became so popular that the singers performed for pay, rather than just   (8)volunteering their services. The zenith of their musical careers, said Grandpa, came when the group was invited to perform with the   (9)Philharmonic Society; the opportunity to collaborate with this famous orchestra made all eight singers euphoric.

In retrospect, though, Grandpa would always say that his own greatest success was marrying that   (10)vivacious young pianist—my grandmother. It’s probably superfluous to add that they made beautiful music together.

Answers: 2~4~3~1~6~9~5~10~8~7

  1. From age 20 to age 50 is thirty years, or three periods of ten years (decades).
  2. The name of the group suggests that their voices were made of gold (golden).
  3. Grandfather wanted to guide himself in studying (educate himself about) music.
  4. If Grandfather educated himself about music, he must have wanted to become an expert in music (a musician).
  5. Including Grandfather, there were eight singers. In other words, the group was an octet.
  6. If the group was overjoyed, its success must have risen above (surpassed) all expectations.
  7. If they sounded like a single voice, their voices must have sounded the same (they were homogeneous).
  8. Instead of the group’s just choosing (volunteering) to sing, they were hired to perform for pay.
  9. The members of a famous orchestra would love music and therefore call themselves the Philharmonic Society.
  10. The young pianist was full of liveliness (vivacious).