Answers: Exam #1 + 2 + 3 Version B Ch. 1, 2, 3 - A: Sally says she has a pet tiger!


Exam #1 Version B Ch. 1, 2, 3 

1. A: Sally says she has a pet tiger! 

    B: No way! ______. She never tells the truth 

2. A penguin is a bird, but it _____________.Correct! doesn't fly 

3. A: Does your brother live in this city? B: Yes, ______.Correct! he does 

4. These plants are very dry. They _____ water. need 

5. A: Listen! The birds ______ again. 

    B. Yes. They always _______ after the rain. are singing/sing 

6. A: _______ that this is a good idea? 

    B. Yes, I do. Very good. Do you think 

7. A: ________ here? 

    B: Yes, a little. Does it ever snow 

8. A: Listen! _______ that noise? 

    B: What noise? Do you hear 

9. A: Does Laura work in the technical department? 

    B. Yes, She's great. She ______ everything. She always _____ to help us. fixes/tries 

10. A: ________ your biology lab every day? 

    B: No. Only on Tuesdays and Fridays. Do you have 

11. A: this traffic is terrible, isn't it? 

      B. It's really bad. We ______ at all now. aren't moving 

12. A. Is Pedro home? B. No. _____ today. He's working 

13. A: Does ______ that sound? 

      B: No. Just sometimes. I don't understand the problem. your car always make 

14. A. Would you like a cup of coffee? 

      B. No, thanks. I ______ coffee. don't drink 

15. _____ for twenty years. Cats rarely live 

16. A: No electricity? 

      B: No. When the lightning ________ the electric wires, the electricity ________ off. struck/went 

17. A: Shh! The concert _____! 

      B: Right. I ______ now. is beginning/am listening 

18. A: How did the movie end? 

      B: I don't know. I fell asleep ________ I was watching it. While 

19. A: You look tired today. Did you stay up late last night? 

      B: Yes. I ________ to bed at 3:00 A.M. this morning! I was reading a very interesting mystery novel. went

 20. The plane ______ late because of bad weather. The trains ______ on time. was/were 

Question 21 A: Did you and Janet study together last night? 

                    B: No, while I ________, she ________ a movie. was studying/was watching 

Question 22 A: What happened to your sweater? 

                    B: I ________ it when I ________ in the parking lot. tore/fell 

Question 23 A: Where were you? I called you ten times last night! 

                    B: Oh, I heard the phone. But ________ my favorite program, and I didn't want to answer the phone. I was watching 

Question 24 A: Is Kimberly here? 

                    B: No. She _____ to work this morning. She's home sick. didn't come 

Question 25 It ______ all morning. When the rain _____ in the afternoon, the children went outside to play. rained/stopped 

Question 26 A: I got an email from Michael. 

                    B: Oh? Does he have email now? He ________ email. didn't use to have 

Question 27 A: _______ you in class yesterday? 

                    B: Yes, I was. Were 

Question 28 A: What happened here? 

                    B: Well, officer, while I ________ at the bus stop, that car ________ a tree. was waiting/hit 

Question 29 A: Were you a good student when you were in college? 

                    B: Yes, I was. I ________ a lot, but I also ________ college life. studied/enjoyed 

Question 30 A: You're so brave to sing in public! 

                    B: It's funny. When I was younger, I ________ very shy. used to be 

Question 31 A: How was the party? 

                    B: Great! We sang songs and ________ about old times. talked

 Question 32 A: We're having our picnic at the beach tomorrow, right? 

                     B: Right. It ________ all weekend, according to the forecast. isn't going to rain 

Question 33 A: ________ near the post office today. Do you need anything? 

                    B: Oh, yes. Stamps. Thanks. I'm going to be probably 

Question 34 A: Can you explain this, please? Why is this answer wrong? 

                    B: I'm sorry. I ________ leave for a meeting. I'll help you this afternoon. am about to leave 

Question 35 A: Are you going to take the new job? 

                    B: I don't know. I'll tell you after I ________ more about it. Know 

Question 36 A: I need someone to help me carry these chairs to my office. 

                    B: I ________ you. will help 

Question 37 A: Is Mr. Martinez sick again today? Will he be back tomorrow? 

                    B: He ________ stay home another day. He's not sure. may 

Question 38 A: Did you win the lottery this week? 

                    B: No. But maybe next week I ________ $50 million. will win 

Question 39 A: The customer needs the part by tomorrow morning! 

                    B: If we ________ it by overnight mail, she ________ it in the morning. send/will have Question 40 A: How will I know if I get the job? 

                    B: As soon as you ________ the interview, we'll make our decision. Finish 

Question 41 A: Are you going to pick up Mr. Sales at the airport? 

                    B: No. When he ________, he ________ a car. arrives/is going to rent 

Question 42 A: Can someone please answer Tom's phone? He's not at his desk. 

                    B: Oh, okay. I ________ it. will get 

Question 43 A: Why did you buy all that paint? 

                    B: We ________ every room in our house. are going to paint 

Question 44 A: What time are Jim and Sue arriving? 

                    B: I'm not sure. They ________ us before they ________. will call/arrive 

Question 45 A: Are you going to visit the Empire State Building when you ___are_____ in New York City next week? 

                    B: Yes. 

Exam #2 Version B 

Question 1 A: Alex went home early again! 

                  B: Again? He's going to lose his job! He ________ the office early ten or twelve times this month! has left 

Question 2 A: Has Aunt Lila's plane landed? 

                  B: No. I just checked with the airline. It _________ . hasn't landed yet 

Question 3 A: You look tired. What's going on? 

                  B: I ________ for finals for the whole week! I have the last one tomorrow, thank goodness. have been studying 

Question 4 A: Are you going to see another science fiction movie? You see one every week! 

                  B: Oh, I ________ science fiction since I ________ a child. have loved/was 

Question 5 A: Are you going to the gym after work today? 

                  B: I haven't gone to the gym ________ three months. I have an exercise machine at home now. For 

Question 6 A: When did you move into this apartment? B: We ________ here ________. I love it here! have lived/for six months 

Question 7 A: How long have you known Anne? 

                  B: A long time. My family ________ her family ________ we were children. has known/since rrect! 

Question 8 A: Are you still holding the phone for help from the technical department? 

                  B: Yes! I've been holding ________! for half an hour 

Question 9 A: When are you going to get a new TV? 

                  B: I don't need a new TV! I ________ this one for twenty years, and it still works perfectly. have had 

Question 10 A: When will the #43 bus get here? I ________ for twenty minutes. 

                    B: Oh, are you waiting for the #43 bus? The last one ________ at 9:00. You missed it. have been waiting/left 

Question 11 A: Does your grandmother drive? 

                    B: Drive? Of course! She has been driving ________ she was 18. That's 70 years! since Question 12 A: Did you enjoy the music award show on TV last night? 

                    B: It was too late for me! It started at 10:00. I ________ asleep for an hour! had already been 

Question 13 A: You know so much about Hong Kong. Have you ever lived there? 

                    B: Yes, I ________ English there five years ago. taught 

Question 14 A: ________ Professor Brown's husband? 

                    B: Yes, finally. I ________ him last Friday night. Have you ever met/met 

Question 15 A: You're late! 

                    B: Yes. I went back home. I ________ my cell phone. had forgotten 

Question 16 A: Tanya's in the hospital? ________ her some flowers? 

                    B: Yes, that's a good idea. Why don't we send 

Question 17 A: Would you like more coffee, Jim? 

                    B: I ________ have any more because coffee keeps me awake, but I'll have some anyway because it is so good. should not 

Question 18 A: You ________ leave early. The weather reports predicts a big storm for this afternoon. B: Yes, that's a good idea. had better 

Question 19 A: You ________ your driver's license before you enter the building. 

                    B: I don't have a driver's license. ________ my passport instead? must show/Can I use Question 20 A: Uh-oh. My camera didn't work! I didn't get that picture. 

                    B: The battery ________ dead. could be 

Question 21 A: Will you be at home tomorrow afternoon? I need someone to accept a package. 

                    B: I'm not sure. I ________ to my mother's tomorrow if she needs me. may go 

Question 22 A: What time does registration begin? 

                    B: At nine. ________ late. Don't be 

Question 23 A: Which road ________? The interstate or the road through the mountains? 

                    B: Let's drive through the mountains. It will be beautiful at this time of year. should we take 

Question 24 A: ________ slow down. There is always a police officer around here. 

                    B: Okay. I don't want to get a speeding ticket. You'd better 

Question 25 A: Do you want to go to a movie or rent a DVD? 

                    B: ________ home tonight than ________out. I'd rather stay/go 

Question 26 A: Jessie never eats vegetables. Have you noticed? 

                    B: He ________ like vegetables. must not 

Question 27 Hello! You have reached Global Communications Systems. For customer service, ________ "0" now. please press 

Question 28 A: I need someone to translate this document from Spanish to English. 

                    B: Ask Maria. She ________ Spanish and English. can speak 

Question 29 A: Look at this traffic! Usually there's no traffic at this hour. 

                    B: Oh, there ________ an accident ahead. I see some police cars coming. must be 

Question 30 A: This movie is terrible, isn't it? 

                    B: Yes. Why ________ home? don't we go 

Exam #3 Version B (Chapters 6, 12, and 10) 

Question 1 A: How many people are in your class? 

                  B: Twenty. Ten _______ and ten ________. women/men 

Question 2 There are eleven players on my soccer team. One is from Colombia. ________ is from Turkey. ________ are from Japan, and all the rest are from Canada. Another/Others 

Question 3 Hello, Don and Diana! Welcome to our new home! I'll put ________ coats in the bedroom, while you help ________ to coffee and cake. your/yourselves

Question 4 A: My goodness! Little Sally has a tooth already! 

                  B: Yes! Some ________ get a few ________ before they are six months old. babies/teeth Question 5 Pandas are an endangered ________. Unfortunately, pandas do not produce many ________ during their lives. species/offspring 

Question 6 The plane arrived ________. at the airport at midnight 

Question 7 There are thirteen provinces in Canada. Ontario is one. Quebec is ________. What are the names of ________? another/the others 

Question 8 I'm writing a letter. I'm sitting ________ my desk. The paper and pen are ________ my desk. at/on 

Question 9 A: So you grow your own vegetables! 

                    B: Yes, we have a ________ garden. We grow beans, carrots, and ________. vetetable/tomatoes 

Question 10 A: The ________ room is a mess! 

                    B: Oh, well. ________ aren't usually neat. children's/Children 

Question 11 A: How many languages do you speak? 

                    B: Only two. One is English, and ________ is Portuguese. the other 

Question 12 Some people have straight hair. ________ people have curly hair. Some people have dark eyes. ________ have light eyes. Other/Others 

Question 13 A: There are four ________ stores in the mall. Which one are you going to? 

                    B: Milano's. They have the only shoes that fit my ________. shoe/feet 

Question 14 A: I found these keys in the hall. Are they ________? 

                    B: Thanks so much. ________ the only set I have. yours/They're 

Question 15 A: My sister and ________ are looking for a new apartment. 

                    B: Have you told ________ about the one in my building? I/her 

Question 16 A: I'd like to speak to the manager about my bill, please. 

                    B: The person ________ is Mr. Rossini in the billing department. to whom you should speak 

Question 17 A: Do you know that man? 

                    B: Yes, I do. He's the man ________ in the elevator this morning. I met 

Question 18 A: What is the movie about? 

                    B: It's about people ________ in an isolated part of the Arctic. who live 

Question 19 Easter Island is a place ________. that very few people know about 

Question 20 A: Don't you like this music? Should I turn it off? 

                    B: Yes, please. It's not the kind of music ________ when I'm studying. I like to listen to Question 21 That university is very difficult to enter. Of 100 students ________, only four are who apply 

Question 22 A: A doctor ________ children has to be very patient. 

                    B: Doctors ________ adults are supposed to be patient too. who takes care of/who take care of 

Question 23 A: Have you made your airplane reservation? 

                    B: Yes, I'm taking the flight ________ at midnight. that leaves 

Question 24 Y is the name of an element ________ in nature. Its name comes from the first letter of the city ________ it was discovered: Ytterby, a town in Sweden. that exists/in which 

Question 25 A: Does this bus go to the train station? 

                    B: No. The bus ________ is the #5. It'll come along soon. you want 

Question 26 A: You finally got here! Did you get lost?

                    B: No. The road ________, so we stopped to enjoy the scenery. that we took was beautiful 

Question 27 A: What kind of car is that? 

                    B: It's a new hybrid. It's a car ________ both gasoline and electric power. that uses Question 28 A: What's a philatelist? 

                    B: A philatelist is a person ________. that collects stamps 

Question 29 Attention shoppers! Will the person ________ please move the car immediately? whose car is blocking the exit 

Question 30 A: How was your trip? 

                    B: Good. On the plane, I sat next to an interesting woman ________ at the zoo. who works Question 31 A: When is this application due? 

                    B: The day after tomorrow! It has to ________ by overnight mail today! be sent 

Question 32 Harry has been practicing very hard for this race. At first, he could run only 1 mile per day, but now he can run 15 miles in a day. He ________ long distances now, so it won't be difficult for him to run in a race. is used to running 

Question 33 A: Did you write that poem? B: No, it ________ by a famous poet from Chile. It's beautiful, isn't it? was written 

Question 34 A: Is Jack Smith ________ Martha Smith? 

                    B: No. They have the same last name, but they aren't married. married to

Question 35 The bridge was closed for several months last year while it ________, but now it's open again. was being fixed 

Question 36 A: I'm ________! We swam for two hours! B: Me too. This practice was very ________. tired/tiring 

Question 37 A: When can we move into the apartment? 

                    B: Over the weekend. It ________ right now. is being painted 

Question 38 A: Let's rent a Robin Williams movie. 

                    B: Good idea. He's really an ________ actor. His films are always ________. amusing/entertaining

Question 39 An island ________ by water on all sides. is surrounded 

Question 40 A: They speak Portuguese in Brazil, right? 

                    B: Right. Spanish ________ in most of the other countries of Latin America, but not in Brazil. is spoken 

Question 41 A: Look! There are about a hundred birds in the sky! 

                    B: Yes, they're going south for the winter. They ________ south every year at this time. Fly Question 42 The sun ________ in the east and ________ in the west. rises/sets 

Question 43 A: What a beautiful old desk! Did you find it in an antique shop? was made by my grandfather 

Question 44 A: Do you have my new prescription? 

                    B: Yes, here it is, ma'am. These pills ________ with food. should be taken 

Question 45 A: Isn't Luis coming to this meeting? 

                    B: He ________ here, but his assistant called to say he can't come. was supposed to be