Answers: Article Title: "Bad Managers" by Michael W Drafke and Stan Kossen



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                             Article Title: "Bad Managers"

                      by Michael W Drafke and Stan Kossen

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1 A

2 A

3 B

4 B

5 C

6 B

7 B

8 D

9 A

10 D

11 A

12 A

13 C

14 B


16 D

17 C


19 D

20 C

Discussion Questions: Choose 1 and write at least 4 sentences to answer the question here.

Question #3 On the basis of the information in this article and your own experience, describe the qualities of a person you would consider an ideal boss.



        The qualities of an ideal boss are integrity and authenticity. Those qualities are essential in being a good boss. A good boss gains the trust of his employees through his honesty and transparency. He does the best he can and takes responsibility for his choices. He is sincere and coherent because his interventions go hand in hand with his speech. He uses his skills to put them at his employees' service and not to play the finest.

        A good boss must communicate well. He should express both his expectations and his appreciation for a job well done. He also knows how to share his feelings, which makes him more accessible. Success, problem-solving, and the emergence of new ideas require impeccable communication; a good boss knows that.

        A good boss shows empathy. He listens attentively and is sensitive to the needs of his employees. He wants them to achieve their professional goals as much as they do.