Writing: Essay5 - life in The Future After 50 years



        The astonishing and rapid development that life is witnessing. It has made the present a tremendous fuel that nourishes the future's imagination for a person. Imagine what life will be like after several years. In the past, no one would have imagined that a person would reach all these fantastic developments that he had achieved. For after his life was primitive and going slowly and boredom, he can travel even outside the planet Earth.

        Moreover, this in itself was not envisioned by the mind before the last century. However, the development of science and technology made everything possible. It paved the way for a person to think about how life will look in the coming years and what technology will present to the future, especially in 2070.

        First of all, classes will disappear, and everyone will be able to learn from home. The students cannot read books or do their homework without the internet. With technology, they will save a lot of time, effort, and money, so they do not have to buy more books. Could students study without books? Simultaneously, the teacher will have a computer and other supervisory tools to explain and follow it. Students and teachers meet Online only. They have to use the internet for everything they want.

        Secondly, life will be easier than it is now. Perhaps moving between streets and cities will be using helicopters to avoid stifling traffic crises. A man may occupy space and live on a planet other than Earth establish many settlements on these planets. Many experts entertain this dream, but it is not impossible and can be achieved soon. It is possible to build them in less than one day instead of built-in several months through many technologies. A person might speak different languages ​​and maybe make friends from other worlds only from his home.

        The world will become smaller than it is due to the development that the transport and communications sector will witness. Moreover, all barriers that prevent the meeting will be removed. Techniques that enhance a sense of the other may be invented even over long distances. We can travel to the most beautiful places in the world and visit resorts, museums, and archaeological sites. Sitting in our area, we will feel like we are walking around with just the touch of a button. We will be able to eat our food in the form of pills of vitamins, minerals, and tonics without eating full meals, or we can cook food in a few minutes with just a press of a button.

        In conclusion, life in the future will not be easy. It might be challenging to be in shape because of sitting all day. Nevertheless, we must pay attention to healthy eating, and we should exercise to build strong muscles.