Writing: Essay4 - Comparison: My sister and I




My sister and I

I am different from my sister in several ways. She's interested in engineering. I am not. She is the smartest girl in our family. She is a serious person able to take responsibility. However, she is not as friendly as my brother. She is as tall as me. She loves cats she has one named Lucius. She also owns a house; her house is larger than mine. Although she owns a big house, she lives alone with her cat. She is a good cook she cooks better than anyone in my family. On the other hand, I am married and live with my husband in a small house. I also like cats, but I do not like to raise them like my sister. I am calm unlike my sister. I am an artist, and I am the most creative person in our family. I have much more free time, especially in the mornings and evenings. In this spare time, I always try to be more creative also be more specific in drawing my canvas. I am interested in arts, so I am thinking of studying to be a more professional artist. Another difference is I prefer to work from home rather than like my sister. She prefers to work in the company. For me either because I want to feel free and not restricted to work time. Regardless of our differences on the way to work, we agree on one thing, which is mastery of work.

My sister and I are different from each other and maybe we look alike on some little things, but we like to spend time with each other. Our differences make our time together interesting.

Writing: Essay4 - Comparison: My sister and I


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