Writing: Essay3 - Bad Day - The death of my father


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4 March 2021

                                   The Sudden Death of My Father

One of the most difficult things for a person is losing a father and not being able to attend his funeral. My father is the helper in my life; there is no one to assist and be a real support for me except him. My father's death was a powerful shock I received on the worst day of my life.

First of all, I remember very well that day in November, my father died. I was sitting in my office studying English, then it was six o'clock in the evening. Suddenly, my phone rang, and my brother was calling. I was surprised that he called in the middle of the night because the time difference between Morocco and Florida is six hours. I asked him if everything was good. He remained silent and wandering at the time, unable to speak from the intensity of sadness. Until he was overcome with tears to tell me the news of my father's death. It was such a massive shock for me that I had not seen him in three years. I started crying and screaming because I remembered the difficulty of going to my country to attend the burial and comforting my mother.

Moreover, I was saying that my dad would one day come to visit me in Florida. He will love nature here and the seas because he loves to fish. It was his favorite pastime because he feels comfortable while fishing. Besides, this hobby is common in Florida. My father's visit was among the goals that I had been striving to achieve since I came to the United States of America. I can say this goal has become a dream; it came true. Occasionally, my father visits me in my dreams. Sometimes I can feel his presence.

In addition, not a day goes by when I do not wake up or sleep without praying for him or thinking about him and wish he were still on this earth. Sometimes I hope everything was genuinely dreamy and that I would wake up one day and find my father by my side. Even I know I am asking for something impossible. I know the truth that my father is gone suddenly and forever.

After receiving my father's death, I did not get the chance to say goodbye to him or tell him that I love him. Everything was surprising and nobody expected his death. Once my father left me, all that was beautiful in his presence went with him, and when my father died at that time, I felt endless sadness for him. My deceased father was the source of my smile that never left me. When he died, I was so weak that I became like a rose that withered one day but impossible to bloom again. So, my dad is not compensated and is not repeating himself.

In conclusion, grieving the loss of a father is a difficult and arduous process that drains our energy. The day when my father left me was the worst day of my life.