History: Discuss the significance of the year 1968



Discuss the significance of the year 1968.  Include both domestic and foreign issues in your class to discuss

    The year 1968 is known in the US history as the traumatic year. During the 12 months period number of domestic and foreign issues reshaped the American society.

    At foreign level, the most significant development was the ‘Tet Offensive’. North Vietnamese Commandos lunched a surprise attack to defeat South Vietnamese supported by American troops. While North Vietnamese casualties were significant .However, the surprise attack brought American public concern about the necessity to withdraw from Vietnam. At domestic level, civil rights leaders and social activist pointed the necessity to spend federal funds on war against poverty not in killing Vietnamese communist. The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King on the April 4th followed by the assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy two months later were the most cynical events of 1968 at domestic level. During that time period, number of riots and anti-war demonstrations were seen all around the country. They marked the turmoil of a generation eager of peace and equal rights. However, the political arena did not change and American end up by electing Richard Nixon who promised “peace with Honor” in Vietnam.

    The domestic and foreign issues faced by Americans in 1968 constituted  the  base for new foreign policies as well as civil rights amendments