Outline: Corporal punishment




I) Introduction

Main idea: I am not in favor of using corporal punishment to discipline children it can affect a child's brain.

II) Body

            Major Support 1: Why parents use corporal punishment and its effects on the child and the teacher.

                        Minor Support 1: Difficulty controlling parental anger and not understanding the child.

                        Minor Support 2: Parents' anger can reflect on the teacher and affect the child

            Major Support 2: Using corporal punishment can affect a child's brain.

                        Minor Support 1: The use of corporal punishment at home and at school can damage a child's brain and can also cause him to lose confidence.

                        Minor support 2: Elizabeth Gershoff says 60% of children are physically punished and this can lead to brain changes.

III) Conclusion
According to studies, corporal punishment of a child can affect their brain and their future. Parents need to understand that the primary goal of corporal punishment is to make children understand bad behavior, not to harm them.