Outline: The importance of education




I)  Introduction                       

     Main idea: The role of education aims to develop something new instead of relying on old innovations. To be able to define one's own future.

II)  Body

                Major Support 1:  The reasons why Education is important for Children and to Society.

                               Minor Support 1:  The children are the future of the world they should be educated.

                               Minor Support 2:  For a modern society, education is very important to students to develop and lead them in a perfect path.

                Major Support 2:  The role of Education for both Country 's and for individual developments.

                              Minor Support 1: Education is very important for a country to grow.

                              Minor support 2:  Education is important to make people noble and perfect.

III)  Conclusion

Education is the most important thing that a person should have in life because it will help to interact with different kinds of persons and exchange knowledge and ideas and live in harmony, also to be an active participant in society and to gain respect from the world.