Writing: Psychology - IQ TEST



Quote : Think about it: How would you feel if someone gave you an IQ test and then told you that your score would determine whether you got a job? ( p 334).


    The authors are challenging the readers to critical think about the possibility of an IQ score defining the possibility of being offered a job or not (Pastorino & Doyle Portillo, 2019). Nowadays, IQ scores are becoming relevant in hiring process for every company. According to Jordan Peterson. A professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, “There are companies that makes general cognitive ability tests and its often used by corporations that does not promote themselves as testing IQ. You cannot find employment! Unless. Increasingly unless you are intelligent “( Bite-sized Philosophy.2017, April 19. Jordan Peterson-IQ and The Job Market [Video]. YouTube). 

    I was eager to learn about this topic to understand how a simple test may determine the becoming of a person. I still remember a scene from the series Malcolm in the Middle. Malcolm scored so high on IQ Test that his advisor was speechless in determining the best career for him. He was a good fit for any job. Malcolm came with the intention of finding an answer and end up leaving with more questions about his future. From a personal experience. When it comes to critical thinking, logic (Math). I do score high on tests. However, when it is about vocabulary. I do find it challenging since English is my fourth language. When I first moved to The U.S. I did not get many jobs offers at the beginning of my career. I failed tests due to a lack of understanding of the context or questions. I always asked myself does it mean I am not smart enough or it is about the job requirements. As of today, I do find these tests limited and causes a great deal of talents loss. At the end if the company policy is to look for a special profile and I do not fit the box. I rather work in a place where I am accepted for what I will be bringing to the table.



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