Writing: The Benefits of Social Media in My Teenage Sister



The Benefits of Social Media in My Teenage Sister's Life

              Social media supports teens' social lives in difficult times. For example, in my teenage sister's experience so far, social networks have brought her a great advantage. It helped her communicate with others, learn new things, and consolidate more information. Given the limitations of COVID and many of her friends who are currently in other schools, it may not be easy for her to keep in touch with everyone and meet each other due to restrictions on everyone. However, apps like Instagram and Twitter have helped her connect with friends who she might not be able to follow otherwise. Most of the time, every one of her age is on social media, making it easy for her to stay in touch with them.
Connecting with friends is even more important for teens today, given how COVID restrict everyone's lives. For example, my sister usually travels, visits, and meets her friends in groups. However, now she can meet them while she is in the kitchen. Nothing is impossible with social media. She can get everything she needs through social media. Without social media, my sister believes that many teens of her age would feel incredibly lonely at this time of restrictions in place. Since when social media is shut down, they will be stuck at home for weeks, then they are sure to become even more aggressive.
My sister used to chat with her friends on Twitter, as she would stay with her until late at night and at least have fun with them that way, unlike going out at night. On the one hand, social media has become a rich source of news and information for my sister. On the other hand, the second positive point for her is helping her to follow fashion, home décor, art, and any other news that she wants to follow. Whenever my sister goes to social media, there are always new themes and unique ideas that she finds great as a fan of all décors. It can also keep her informed of general world news, which also helps her think about how important it is to know the information. These apps are essential in social media and helpful in finding new information and specific topics that aid general knowledge or help with homework and research projects. I have provided my sister with opportunities to share experiences. This app allowed her to share experiences with her friends. It gave them something in common to chat and laugh. Now I will turn to the more negative aspects of social media my sister has felt over the past month. Teens understand the dangers of social media. Before we begin, let us dive into briefly the stereotype that some older generations may have about social media, for example, that social media is the wrong place or perhaps a dangerous place. Communication can be a waste of time. According to my sister's opinion, because sometimes she cannot study and therefore begins to browse some pages on Twitter. We disagree with this view because we have never experienced any profound negative experiences like cyberbullying or anything else. Also, we believe that the younger generation is aware of the risks, we know how to view and manage them, and there are plenty of helpful resources if we need help, such as the Internet. Of course, this could still happen, but we think it is not as common as my sister claims. The only negatives that I have seen so far over the past year is when she has an online meeting with her teacher, she cannot do it because of sleep, so that she is not always ready for it at home. In sum, judge the role of social media for teens during the pandemic in general, given the current conditions of the COVID world, and according to my sister, she thinks that social media is very positive for her and her friends since social media helped her communicate when she could not meet friends in person and following news and decorating.