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My Most Embarrassing Experience


Most people experience some embarrassing moment in their life. So, my awkward experience happened when I was a 5th grader. On Saturday afternoon, while I was studying for a Mathematics’ test the next day, I was invited by friends to go out with them. First, I hesitate a little because I had not learned anything for a test. However, it was too interesting to go out with friends because we did not meet each other for a long time. Finally, I was excited about going with my friends. I decided to go out with them. We went watching a movie and eating dinner together, that was a beautiful evening. I came back home at 10 pm and felt so tired. I brushed my teeth quickly then went to bed, so I completely forgot the test because I did not have enough time to study. On exam day, I considered not going to class because I did not review anything for the test. Coming to class on time is essential, but when we are not preparing for the exam, we feel overwhelmed. So, I felt very embarrassed, and then I began to fear and worry about the fate of my paper from failing this test. I started thinking about my parents and their reactions. After that, I decided to return the exam paper blank. It was a terrible decision that I made in my life. My teacher asked me why I returned the paper blank. I apologized for returning it blank.

At that time, my face was red and hot, I felt so ashamed and disappointed personally, and of course, I got a zero mark for the test. Until now, I had not forgotten that experience and the disappointed eyes of the teacher when he looked at me. It is a valuable lesson never to fail, and I did not make that mistake again. In conclusion, preparing for the exam is very important to succeed. Therefore, each of us must focus on exams and not underestimate them.