Writing: My Life in Morocco



My Life in Morocco

My life in Morocco was exciting. I lived with my parents, two sisters. I studied Arts. After I graduated, I worked my first job with a French interior designer who had settled in Rabat. Where I was born, and I grew up in it. I used to meet people and talk to them. I also used to decorate their homes with a Moroccan touch, as well as modern. I combined originality and contemporary. While I was sitting in my office working, my boss was having coffee with his friend. I was thinking about my future, so I said to myself that since my hobby is drawing and my profession is interior design, why can I not combine them and design something beautiful. I started in art at the age of 11. I was pleased when I saw my first drawing hanging on the wall of our house. My Dad felt I was very creative, and he wanted to help me. My father helped me to develop a range of my complementary skills. My father was my teacher, and he gave me the basic techniques to start my first drawing. He took me to the art galleries, to the museums. I observed other artist’s works. Also, I got the inspiration to develop my skills from their experience. This observation influenced my imagination and increased my motivation. My mother also was an independent and creative woman. I was practically surrounded by her art and grew up around her crafts and her handmade creations. When I was child, she made all my clothes. My mother helped me with my studies. She did not discover my talent because she did not think that her daughter would be talented. Finally, with my extensive art training, I was able to success in the artistic field. My parents gave me a chance to transform my talent into a successful creative business.

My life was exciting and filled with art!