Writing: The privileges of living in Orlando, Florida



The privileges of living in Orlando, Florida

My name is ..... . Originally from ....... . I have lived in Orlando since 2019. Before I came to Orlando, I had lived in Boston. I have been living in Boston for six months. Right now, I am studying English at UCF. I have been at this school since August. I moved here on March 8, and I started my classes on August 25.

Since I came to Orlando, I have visited Walt Disney many times. I have already been to City Walk at Universal Studios, but I still have not had the opportunity to enjoy the attraction yet. After I visited the parks, I decided to visit the beaches. Last summer, I went to Clearwater with my friends. So, my friends and I had a great time at Clearwater. We stayed there for four days. Of course, there are other beautiful beaches in Florida. Therefore, we did not go to another beach because we loved Clearwater beach as it is quiet and surf-free.

However, since I came here, I have made friends with many other people from Venezuela and Mexico. I have practiced English with them, and they have taught me Spanish. I have enjoyed meeting people from Latin America, and they have become my friends. I have recently discovered two friends, one from Morocco and the other one from Egypt. Now I know people who speak Spanish and Arabic.